Extending Akkeris

You can extend Akkeris in a variety of ways to add custom functionality you may need:

  • Use web hooks to add workflow actions when an application changes
  • Creating one-click deployable applications
  • Build add-ons to bring new services to Akkeris
  • Develop plugins to add workflow, service integrations or extend the CLI functionality
  • Use the Apps API to perform a variety of management tasks
  • Add new pipeline status checks to enable CI/CD beta
  • Create application features to enhance application functionality beta
  • Add documentation to clarify functionality and help others get started.

Web hooks

Creating a One-click App

Building Add-ons

Creating Plugins

Apps API

Creating Pipeline and CI/CD Checks

Vault Integrations

  • Creating Addon Credentials from Vault todo

Creating App Features

  • What is an Application Feature? todo
  • Creating new Application Features todo

Contributing Docs

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