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Managed ElasticSearch plans for Akkeris have encrypted instances and a variety of CPU and memory systems. For high availability and high-load production environments the premium-4 plan includes a 4 clustered instance of ElasticSearch.


Standard instances

Standard-0 Standard-1 Standard-2 Standard-3
Price $50/mon $60/mon $150/mon $160/mon
Storage 10GB 10GB 20GB 20GB
Dedicated 1-Instance 1-Instance 1-Instance 1-Instance
Encrypted No Yes No Yes
CPU Cores 1 1 2 2
Memory 2GB 2GB 4GB 4GB

Premium Instances

Premium-0 Premium-1 Premium-2 Premium-3 Premium-4
Price $115/mon $125/mon $225/mon $325/mon $800/mon
Storage 40GB 40GB 80GB 80GB 80GB
Dedicated 1-Instance 1-Instance 1-Instance 1-Instance 4-Instances
Encrypted No Yes No Yes Yes
CPU Cores 2 2 4 4 4
Memory 8GB 8GB 16GB 16GB 16GB


aka addons:create akkeris-es:[standard-0|standard-1|standard-2|standard-3|premium-0|premium-1|premium-2|premium-3|premium-4] -a [app-space]

Once provisioned, the ElasticSearch https URL is added to the applications config vars as ES_URL. In addition the Kibana dashboard is included as the config var KIBANA_URL.


ElasticSearch plans can be upgraded, while being upgraded however the existing addon in addition to the application are placed in maintenance mode during the upgrade process. In addition to upgrading, a plan can be downgraded so long as the existing disk space does not exceed the downgraded plan's disk space.

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