Log Sessions

Logging includes currently running metrics for the last 6 hours, session logs for applications, and build logs. These are temporarily available, if logging should be persisted (or metrics) a log drain should be added to your application to push logs into a more persistant place (such as paper trail or librato).

View Build Logs

GET /apps/{appname}/builds/{build uuid}/result

Fetch the logs for a specific build.

CURL Example

curl \
  -H 'Authorization: ...' \
  -X POST \

200 "OK" Response

    "Getting source code for https://github.com/akkeris/some-repo/master SHA 123456... done",
    "Deploying ... done",
    "Finshed: SUCCESS"

View App Logs

POST /apps/{appname}/log-sessions

POST /sites/{site}/log-sessions

Views the specified amount of lines starting from the end of the most recent log output and back. This is the logging across all servers running the specified application.

Name Type Description Example
lines optional int The amount of lines to retrieve from the logs 10
tail optional bool Whether to tail the logs, defaults to false false

CURL Example

curl \
  -H 'Authorization: ...' \
  -X POST \
  https://apps.akkeris.io/apps/app-space/log-sessions \
  -d '{"lines":10,"tail":true}'

201 "Created" Response

Note: The logplex url can be requested without authentication, allowing for more streamable means, it also may have a different url than alamo's api depending on the region (so don't hard code the result in anything).


View App Metrics

Returns the cpu, memory and file system usage metrics for the running app, these are averages and 90th percentile across all running servers for the app.

GET /apps/{appname}/metrics

Optional query parameters:

Name Type Description Example
resolution optional string The resolution to return, 1m = 1 minute, 1h = 1 hour, 15m, 20m, etc 10m
from optional date From date to look from, in ISO string format. Defaults to one week 2017-06-20T23:30:45.737Z
to optional date To date to return to, in ISO string format. Defaults to now 2017-06-20T23:30:45.737Z

CURL Example

curl \
  -H 'Authorization: ...' \
  -X GET \

200 "OK" Response

Returns a key-value pair object of metrics where the key is the metric name and unit, each value is also an object comprised of key-value's where the key is the unix epoch beginning time of the sample, and the value is the value in the units specified in the metric name.


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