Using CLI Plugins

Plugins allow outside (third party or otherwise) developers to extend the functionality of the CLI including adding new commands or extending existing commands. See Creating a Plugin for more information on creating your own third-party plugins for Akkeris.

aka plugins                                            List public plugins
aka plugins:info NAME                                  Get more information on a plugin
aka plugins:publish NAME                               Publish a plugin
aka plugins:unpublish NAME                             Unpublish a plugin
aka plugins:revise NAME                                Update a published plugin
aka plugins:install NAME                               Install a plugin a new plugin
aka plugins:uninstall PLUGIN                           Uninstall a plugin

Installing a Plugin

To install a plugin, you'll need to know either the repo of the plugin, or the name of the plugin (if it's published).

aka plugins:install [REPO_OR_NAME]

For example,

aka plugins:install

Would install the postgres plugin from Akkeris' repo, you could also run:

aka plugins:install pg

Which would also install the same plugin using its published name.

List Plugins

This allows you to browse plugins which have been published.

aka plugins
:: pg
   Id: 8f2bd0cf-cdbe-4f92-a59f-57416f6de69b
   Description: A postgresql plugin to help manage alamo and appkit databases

:: securekey
   Id: b0d6a5ce-2cb2-4f3f-a5be-3a6fde4392a6
   Description: Rotate secure keys from the command line

Remove a Plugin

aka plugins:uninstall pg

Publishing and Revising a Plugin

Once a plugin is created, publishing it is a great way to let other users discover it.

aka plugins:publish mypluginname -d "Description of functionality, one sentence long." -r -o "Your Name" -e ""

To update the published plugin use the revise command.

aka plugins:revise mypluginname -d "Description of functionality, one sentence long." -o "Your Name" -e ""

While the repo may be updatable via a revise command it will not change for users who have installed the plugin unless they uninstall and re-install it.

Unpublishing a Plugin

To remove a published plugin from the registry, run aka unpublish <name>. This will not remove the plugin for any users who have installed it.

Memcached Plugin

The memcached plugina llows users to view cache statistics, flush caches in addition to restart memcached instances.

aka plugins:install memcached

Certificate and TLS

The certificate and TLS plugin allows you to purchase and use TLS/SSL certificates, to install it run:

aka plugins:install certs

This section is not yet complete, contribute to it to help our documentation efforts!

Postgres Plugin

The postgresql plugin allows users to create auditable read-only credentials, perform backups, pull logs and perform other maintenance tasks, to install it run:

aka plugins:install pg

This section is not yet complete, contribute to it to help our documentation efforts!

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