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Amazon S3 buckets provide a object storage system that can hold large (to nearly unlimited) amount of data. S3 buckets can be versioned so that the history of changes and copies of old resources are kept and accessible if needed, all 'Versioned' plans are capable of this. S3 buckets can also be encrypted, all 'shield' plans automatically encrypt the underlying S3 hardware storage with KMS keys.


Basic Shield Versioned Versioned + Shield
Price $50/mon $60/mon $150/mon $160/mon
Storage 500GB 500GB 2TB 2TB
Dedicated Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rollback None None History History
Encrypted No Yes No Yes
Geo-Repl. No No No No
Versioned No No Yes Yes


aka addons:create akkeris-postgresql:[basic|shield|versioned|shield-versioned] -a [app-space]

Once provisioned, the config vars S3_ACCESS_KEY, S3_BUCKET, S3_LOCATION, S3_REGION, and S3_SECRET_KEY are added to application.


S3 cannot be automatically upgraded once created, resources in the S3 should be synced down to a file system then syncronized up to a newly created S3 with the target settings.

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